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Supply Lists

For the 2019 - 2020 school year McKernan has elected to go with School Start in order to assist families in placing school supplies orders. Please see the attached letter from School Start for more details.

Please know that ordering through School Start is optional and you are still able and welcome to purchase school supplies at your local stores at your convenience.  We encourage families to use and reuse school supplies from previous years if you are able to.

Parents please open the attachments for the grade(s) your child(ren) will be entering next year.  Each attachment will provide you with what the school supplies will be for next year - even if you do not place an order through School Start.  

For information regarding School Start, the process, delivery times, etc please contact the company directly at:


Ph: 1-800-580-1868

Fax: 1-800-580-1890


2019 Parent Letter- McKernan School (Edmonton).docx
McKernan School - Grade 1 - English.pdf
McKernan School - Grade 1 - French.pdf
McKernan School - Grade 2 - English.pdf
McKernan School - Grade 2 - French.pdf
McKernan School - Grade 3 - English.pdf
McKernan School - Grade 3 - French.pdf
McKernan School - Grade 4 - English .pdf
McKernan School - Grade 4 - French.pdf
McKernan School - Grade 5 - English .pdf
McKernan School - Grade 5 - French.pdf
McKernan School - Grade 6 - English.pdf
McKernan School - Grade 6 - French.pdf
McKernan School - Grade 7 .pdf
McKernan School - Grade 8 .pdf
McKernan School - Grade 9 .pdf
McKernan School - Kindergarten - English & French.pdf



McKernan School - Registration Information

Registration Form - press here

For Elementary, McKernan has a very small attendance area.   It can be found HERE.  Students living in this area will be accommodated into the school and have first choice for selecting our French Immersion program.  Kindergarten and Grade 1 are both entry points into the program.  The only restriction for Grade 1 will be space.  Both Kindergarten and Grade 1 have enrollment caps of 24 students.

 Priority for entrance into French Immersion Kindergarten are as follow;

  1. Students/families living within our attendance area.
  2. Students who have an older sibling who will remain at McKernan the following school year.
  3. All other students who want into the program. 

Historically we have not filled our French Immersion Kindergarten from within our attendance area and have been able to accommodate students with siblings in the school.  Over the past few years, we have had to go to a random selection draw from the students not in the area or with a sibling to fill the remaining spaces in our class.

 Depending on space, there is always the potential of having to do a random selection draw from those with siblings.

 Priority for entrance into French Immersion Grade 1 are as follow;

  1. Students returning to McKernan who were in Kindergarten the previous year.
  2. Students living within our attendance area.
  3. Students who have an older sibling who will remain at McKernan the following school year.
  4. All other students who want into the program. 

In the past few years, we have only had a couple of open spaces and have had to go to random selection for these open spaces.  The spaces available and the determination of where we will need to run a random selection draw will be determined by our Spring Pre-Enrollment process, which ends on April 18th at 4:00 pm.


For Junior High, McKernan has a larger attendance area.  It can be found HERE.  All of our Junior High Programs  have restrictions on them. The following programs have optimal enrollment limits and we are restricted to only one class in each program; English, Pre-Ap, French Immersion and Late French Immersion.  For our Spanish Bilingual Program, we will be following the Edmonton Public Schools', continuity of programming rules and will only be taking students from the two Edmonton Public Elementary Schools that offer Spanish Bilingual.

Priority for enrollment in our English, Pre-AP, French


2019-20 Junior High Option Forms

For Students New to McKernan:

Please take a look at the 2019.20 Option Descriptors document which provides a summary of all of our option courses. 

The next step is to select, print off and complete the document for your next years grade. 

Finally please return your selections to McKernan School using regualr mail, email or submit to your elementary school and they will put it on the school truck mail.  

If you have questions please feel free to contact us at McKernan@epsb.ca


Please click on the links below and print off the documents that you require for next year.