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McKernan Virtual Open House

 Virtual Open House!

If you did not get a chance to join us for our Virtual Open House back in the spring,  don't worry.  Please click on the link above to see more information, videos, and highlights of what makes McKernan such an amazing place to be part of.  

Pre-Recorded items and informational content will be available for the duration of Pre-Enrolment and Registration time.  



Principal's Message


June 15, 2021


Dear McKernan Family,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to McKernan School for the 2021/2022 school year.  While we know that everyone is anxiously awaiting summer, we also know that there is excitement about how McKernan will be set up to support students come September.  Whether you are new to McKernan or a returning Mustang, staff will be ready to encourage students to seek new pathways to knowledge, support them as they learn and challenge them to demonstrate their potential to lead.  


This letter is intended to provide a few details of items that you might find useful heading into this summer.  Please know that it was our hope to be able to provide a clear and complete picture of what it will look like in the fall, unfortunately, there is still some uncertainty which means we will be asking families to pay particular attention to SchoolZone in August so that we can update our strategy with the most up to date information and clarify any outstanding items that you need to make September as smooth as possible.  The McKernan office staff are here to offer any support or assistance that you might need as the new school year approaches. 


The following items are addressed in this document:


School Supplies (link)

You will find the supplies lists on SchoolZone (For returning Mustangs) or at the link above on the McKernan Website.  Please note that we do participate with School Start to provide the opportunity for you to order your supplies directly, but you are more than welcome to purchase your supplies on your own.  If you do choose to purchase on your own, please remember the following:

  • Be mindful of colours etc.  Teachers will often identify a specific colour of binder, duotang etc.  This is for classroom organization purposes.  Please do your best to match colours. 
  • School Start has their own branded items, these can often be replaced with any brand.  

Online and In-Person Learning 

Beginning on June 21st families will have the option of identifying whether they would would like their student to learn in person or online for the first half of the school year.  At McKernan, we are asking that all families make a selection based on their best information that they have now, by June 30th.  This will give us a preliminary idea of how we need to organize for instruction in the fall.  All families will have the ability to change their response between June 30th and August 12th. We are just asking for that initial selection to allow us an early sense for planning purposes.  The absolute deadline is August 12th for all families to choose.


There will be no option to move from in person to online after August 12th.  Movement from online to in-person afterwards will depend on how we have structured instruction based on those August 12th numbers.  


Either way, we will welcome all students back to in-person learning after January.  Whether there is a further option for online instruction after January will depend on a number of factors and will be determined by Edmonton Public Schools in December and communicated to families at that point.  


Orientation/Staggered Entry


Information about staggered entry will be sent in August to all Kindergarten families.  We will spend the first couple of days allowing for Kindergarten students to come and engage with their classroom and teacher in a small group setting.  


Grade 7

At this point, we are planning an online orientation for grade 7s, but will re-evaluate this in early August as to whether there will be an opportunity to bring our new grade 7s onto campus for an opportunity to explore McKernan and everything that we have to offer and to meet the staff.  We know that there are a number of students that have chosen to come to McKernan without ever having stepped foot in our school.  We appreciate the trust that families have put into us and our colleagues in our feeder elementaries.

Complementary Programming (Grades 7-9) (link)

Last week students were sent an email asking them to identify their preferences with respect to Complementary Programming.  It is important to recognize that there is still some uncertainty about whether COVID-19 will impact the programming that we can offer and/or how we offer it.


While we hope that we will be able to open in the fall with a “close to normal” structure around programming, we are prepared with a couple of different scenarios based on what could be possible. Families will notice that we are asking students to express their interest and identify their top choices of courses.  This information will be used to build our full school timetable. We will do the best that we can to provide each student the opportunity to engage with the complementary courses that they rank and rate highest, but scheduling restrictions sometimes make it impossible to ensure all students have all of their top choices.  

Timetable Hours

Monday - Friday

First Bell





Grades 1-6



Grades 7-9




We hope that this has given you some of the information that you need to feel comfortable going into the summer. Rest assured that the McKernan staff are working hard to ensure that we will be ready in September, regardless of the situation, to welcome students into a safe and dynamic learning environment.  


Our office will be closed from June 30th to August 24th, reopening on the 25th to phone calls and inquiries. Email sent to mckernan@epsb.ca will be checked periodically throughout the summer; feel free to send any questions or inquiries there, but we ask for your patience if it takes a few days to respond.  


Have a wonderful summer!  


Scott Horton



General information - McKernan@epsb.ca