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Welcome to the McKernan School Transportation page.

McKernan is currently the only school in Edmonton that has an LRT station across the street.  There is a tunnel that goes under 114 Street and a sidewalk that leads right to the front entrance of the school.  The LRT station makes it very easy to get to McKernan from almost anywhere in the city. It also allows us to access many locations for field trip at a reduced rate since we can take the train rather than having to take a school bus.  

Students may purchase ETS bus passes through the school at a lower price than purchasing them from ETS vendors.  Students can further save additional money by purchasing an ETS pass for the entire year if purchased in early September.  Check with the school office for more information.  

For information about applying for yellow bus ridership check with the school office or the Edmonton Public School website epsb.ca and click on 'Transportation' on the menu at the left hand side of the screen.